Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Worst Nightmare Is Over..

Posted by Chalie at 8:41 PM
I never thought that hubby and I would have dreamt the worst nightmare of our lives...That we would have our worst fight ever after 11 blissful marital years...I never thought that i would hurt him that much...I never thought that i was so weak inspite of his unending love for me...

But with God's help, i still believe that we were really destined to be together no matter what..that we will always be together, loving and caring for each other..that we are ready to grow old together...

We both know that most of the time we had our indifferences..we always struggle to meet each other's needs..we were both busy with our work and finding hard time to meet with our schedules...but this time, we were ready to adjust...we were ready to meet halfway..we were ready not to be selfish...we were so ready because we have grown to be a matured a partner and best friends for life...

Lessons learned...i have proven that love can save everything ...i have experienced true love and was so lucky that i have Dan as my husband and other half..that i owe him everything...that he was the best gift God have given me..a priceless gift that i will always treasure and take care of..i may not be a perfect wife or even a perfect mom...but i would do anything and ready to sacrifice everything for my fix everything and to love them unconditionally..


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